“Dr. Mathis called me back immediately and so kindly talked to me at length regarding my 1 year old kittie with Asthma. She was so empathetic and offered me tons of useful information; I cannot thank her enough as I venture through the unknown with a broken heart watching my kittie gasp for breath. Thank you Dr. Mathis!”

– Karen S., Yelp

“My 7 yr old Bull Terrier Cosmos is what I jokingly refer to as my “special needs dog.” She’s been incontinent since 6 months old and has food and seasonal allergies. This is why I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Mathis. With her help we’ve reduced the amount of medications Cosmos needs to be on daily for her incontinence, removed nearly completely all allergies, and generally made her a much happier dog. Not to mention we get to do all the visits in my living room! No more stressful vet visits!!! Also, Dr. Mathis REALLY cares about her patients. I’ve never had a vet before that I could call, even after several months of talking, and remember not just the ailments but also the things we’re doing to fix them.”

– J.D., Yelp

“I was just in process of recommending Dr. Mathis to a friend this morning and couldn’t believe I hadn’t written a review!  One word..AWESOME!  Dr. Mathis has been integral in the rehabilitation of our 4 year old Frenchie/Boston Mix.  He had been a stray and had multiple stress related issues that effected his tummy, his ears, his allergies and our ability to train him (in particular potty train him).  Dr. Mathis treated our guy with acupuncture and herbs, and also gave us valuable training tips and great feedback on what we were doing wrong, and also encouraged us where we were making headway.  Dr Mathis is down to earth and approachable.  Most of all, I love that she makes housecalls!”

– Jody W., Yelp

“I have no idea how Dr. Mathis got needles into my little hypersensitive Yorkie!  Dr. Mathis was able to calm and relax her helping her through an inoperable brainstem meningioma cancer treatment program.  She even came to my TheraPilates Physical Therapy Clinic to administer treatment while I was working with patients!  Dr. Mathis was kind and compassionate and gave excellent holistic treatment to my little Yorkie, Cali.  I would highly recommend her services!”

– Sherri B., Yelp

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“Doctor Mathis has been treating my pets young and old for over 10 years.  Her compassion with our older pets were very generous and her guidance with our younger pets have help all live harmoniously.  I found the advantage to her coming to our home helped our pets to not be as stressed as the trips to the vet use to be.”

– Patricia W., Yelp

“My cat Boo became paralyzed in his hindquarters, and after spending a lot of money on traditional care, I called Dr Mathis.   Under her skilled care he walked again,  and lived another two years.  I am convinced that without her he would have never walked again.  The fact that he could stay home for the visit and not go in the car to yet another appointment was priceless.  I would highly recommend her.”

– Mary H., Yelp

“Dr Mathis has been treating my chronically ill dog for three months now. She is an excellent doctor who practices eastern medicine with the expertise and knowledge that would be impossible to implement without her traditional background in western medicine. Dr Mathis is a fully licensed veterinarian who has chosen to forego her former practice and treat patients of other doctors using Chinese therapies. Dr Mathis studied Chinese medicine at one of the top Universities in the country, she takes her studies very seriously. She was referred to me by my pet’s oncologist as well as by a friend. After her first visit and her contact with our family vet, I learned that they too are well acquainted with Dr. Mathis and have often referred patients to her for years. Dr. Mathis has an extensive background in veterinary medicine and surgery and continues her education constantly so that she is able to effectively communicate with her clients traditional vets. My little dog sees her for acupuncture, acupressure as well as chiropractic care. Dr. Mathis only makes house calls which is idea with my busy schedule. Her prices are extremely reasonable and well worth her services. I find Dr. Mathis to be not only prompt but usually a few minutes early. Her office staff is very phone friendly and confirms all her house calls. My pet is greatly benefitting for her treatments and he absolutely loves acupuncture. Dr. Mathis is very kind and down to earth and I consider her to be brilliant in her approach to eastern medicine and her very well thought out advice. It is clear to me that Dr. Mathis has a definite connection with animals and her quiet demeanor speaks volumes. She is an integral part of my little guy’s health care team and he deserves the very best. I have already recommended Dr. Mathis to several friends and they too have been very pleased with both her abilities and her eastern approach to medicine delivered with a comprehensive background in traditional medicine. Dr Mathis is not a replacement for your current vet she is a wonderful option for supplemental treatment that can extend the length and quality of your precious pet’s life. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mathis and I give her the highest possible rating in both professionalism and ability.”

– Marina P., Yelp