Herbal Medicine

Chinese patented medicine are standardized herbal formulas. Several herbs and other ingredients are dried and ground. They are then mixed into a powder and can be given in a powder form, a capsule or formed into pills, . The binder is traditionally honey. If they are formed into pills they are characteristically little round black pills also known as “Tea Pills”.

Chinese patent medicines are easy and convenient. They are best used when a patient’s condition is not severe and the medicine can be taken as a long-term treatment.

These medicines are not “patented” in the traditional sense of the word. No one has exclusive rights to the formula. Instead, “patent” refers to the standardization of the formula. All Chinese patent medicines of the same name will have the same proportions of ingredients. Many of the formulas have been in use for well over 400 years.

Dr. Mathis is certified in Chinese Veterinary Herbs (CVCH) and has also trained in Western Herbal Medicine. Though some of the herbs overlap, they are arose separately. Herbal prescriptions are always personalized to each case and patient.

A group of different herbs used in traditional medicine